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Housing Choice Portability

Housing Choice Voucher- Portability

Portability is the ability for a family to move from one voucher jurisdiction to that of another while still maintaining the tenant-based voucher.

Porting to MHA

Step 1: Request portability from your housing authority. If approved, your housing authority should provide you with a name and phone number to MHA. Your housing authority will also fax, mail, or email your portability paperwork to MHA. Email for portability questions and submitting paperwork is

Step 2: Contact MHA at to verify that we have your portability papers and make an appointment. Verify what information you will need to bring to the appointment.

Step 3: Attend your appointment with MHA on time and bring in all information requested.

Step 4: Locate a unit. An inspection can take up to two weeks.

Porting from MHA:

  • MHA will help you find a Housing Authority in the receiving area jurisdiction that administers a Housing Choice Voucher program.
  • You will not be permitted to move outside of Rutherford County under portability during your first year of assistance.
  • You also cannot move if you owe money to MHA for a back charge. 
  • Income limits of Murfreesboro Housing Authority are not used for eligibility in the new location.
  • If you wish to ask for portability, you should request this at your annual appointment. There is a form that must be completed at that time.
  • You must furnish MHA with the name and address of the receiving PHA. We will contact that housing authority to determine if you can move to their area and still receive Voucher rental assistance. Portability is not guaranteed.
  • Currently, MHA is billing outside housing authorities rather than absorbing the voucher.